Watch this ultimate feel good movie, a romantic fairy tale in the tradition of 'Amelie', 'Letters to Juliet', 'Under the Tuscan Sun', 'Enchanted April' & 'A Room with a View'!

Now available to view on iTunes and Vimeo on Demand!

A 19-year-old orphan gets, as her sole inheritance, a rusty key that opens an old villa in Italy. When she settles into her new life, she starts making friends in the village and discovering answers to the mysteries of her family history.

The Italian Key aims to be unashamedly beautiful, romantic and innocent, and deliver a thoroughly happy ending.

Recipient of numerous awards including ten Best Film wins, The Italian Key  takes the audience on a beautiful journey not only through the romantic landscape of Italy and India, but right to the center of one's heart.

Through stunning images it tells the story of young love, eternal friendship and laid-back life in a small Italian village were people celebrate with great food and delicious wine.

It asks those universal questions: How far would you go to follow your dreams? What would it take to listen to your heart?

The Italian Key is in English and was shot on location in Italy, India and U.K. It is suitable for all ages and genders.

It will make you happy if you let it!